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"A riveting read, this novel will ensnare readers in the first chapter and not let up." --Kirkus Reviews

"Inna Swinton is the Gary Shteyngart of chic-lit, capturing the contemporary Russian-Jewish immigrant experience with a light touch and a sharp eye." -- Sally Koslow

Mila Simon is having a meltdown. Newly separated from her investment banker husband, she chain-smokes in her Jewish immigrant parents' backyard in a New Jersey suburb while she plots her return to the Manhattan social scene. Ignoring the advice of therapists and well-meaning married friends, Mila embarks heart-first on a dangerous dating binge with a cell phone in one hand and a mojito in the other. Teetering on the edge the whole time, with only an opinionated Mama to rein her in, Mila is on a whirlwind quest for love and stability in the urban jungle.

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